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Bourne Leisure Travel Trade

Case Study: Sales Target

Client Type: Corporate

Client Requirements:

  • To provide an incentive to the staff members for meeting the leisure companies desired annual targets
  • To reward all sales staff members once they achieved their Individual targets
  • To complement a theme – Alice in Wonderland
  • To allow individual sales staff members to build a strong team relationship outside of the everyday work environment.
  • To meet all sales team members taste by providing different ranges of dips in large amounts

The Event:

  • The Fountain was operational during working hours
  • We matched the décor with the theme – tablecloth, napkins, LED lights, etc
  • The fountain was located in viewpoint of the sales room to ensure all sales members could see and smell the aroma of chocolate from the fountain
  • We provided a Chocolate Fountain with a wide range of dips including fruits, bakery and confectionary
  • Vegetarian and Halal dip options were also available to meet all sales members dietary requirements


  • The Fountain complemented the theme perfectly
  • The event was a success with appreciation from all staff members of different dietary requirements
  • Staff members enjoyed the fountain in groups and had a chance to socialise outside of everyday sales environment
  • The refreshed teamwork ethic and friendships should allow the sales team to work together more efficiently to achieve next year’s annual sales target
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