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London Cocktail Club

Case Study: The Candy Shop

Client Type: Corporate

Client Requirements:

  • To promote the club – attract new potential customers to the Cocktail Club
  • To promote a themed night – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • To attract passing customers around peak time
  • To increase sales on the night
  • To entertain customers throughout the night
  • To trend the club on facebook and twitter – create awareness and generate social media buzz

The Event:

  • We provided a Chocolate Fountain and a range of Sweet Topiary Trees
  • The Fountain was operational throughout the night – up to early morning
  • The location of the Chocolate Fountain and the Topiary Trees was in the middle of the reception area – to ensure maximum visibility from outside the shop window
  • Customers had to purchase tickets to enter the themed party
  • The main attraction on the adverts for the themed night were the Chocolate Fountain and the Sweet Topiary Trees
  • Customers stayed for longer periods of time drinking multiple cocktails
  • Number of passing customers and motorists noticed the fountain and trees
  • We matched the décor with the theme – tablecloth, napkins, LED lights, etc
  • Staff wore ‘Oompa Loompa’ costumes


  • Customers’ feedback to the club staff about the theme idea was positive
  • The Fountain and Trees complemented the themed night perfectly
  • Passing customers and motorists checked on social media and bought tickets
  • Buzz was created on social media – trended on facebook and twitter
  • The night was a success with maximum exposure of the event
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