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The personalised options with our photobooths are a perfect way to add an additional level of customization to your event. You will be able to consult with our in-house designers who will create the perfect exclusive design for your event, just the way you like it. They will create mock-ups for your approval and will continually fine tune your design until you are satisfied.
These options are also great marketing tools for any branded company. We can add the branding theme/color to the entire photobooth, starting from the screens inside to the skins outside the booth. We can also add any specific website or social media address to the personalised options for your guests/clients.
We work closely with our corporate clients for marketing campaigns as well as staff/office events. We design according to the event type and can incorporate the company logo and any other important details that you may need to convey to your guests and clients.
(Please note: Some of the personalised options are not available with the pre-programmed Green Screen Booths – details on ‘Meet the Booths’ page)

PERSONALISED PRINTS (Free with all of our packages)

We offer you personalised prints at no extra cost with all of our Photobooth Packages.
What is a personalised print? This is the printout that your guests will receive after taking their pictures in our photobooths. We design this printout to your specifications.

Some examples of our work from previous events:

Our designers can also design a print on an existing design. Have a leaflet or a poster for your event? Our designers can design a print on an existing design, at no extra cost.


We can personalise all aspects of the photobooth including the welcome screen. When your guests enter the photobooth this is what they see.

We can personalise the background, frame and even add any image/logo to the Intro screen. All subsequent screens will be designed to include your chosen design. Here are some examples.

Once the pictures have been taken, your guests will be shown a ‘printing screen’ during the printing process. We can customize the printing screen to include any additional information such as a message to your guests, any social media/website addresses or even a specific product (corporate hires).


We can personalise the images that appear behind the guests. Please note, that this option is not available with all of our photobooths.
When the guests enter the booth, they will find a Green Screen behind them as they sit to wear the props. The images that appear behind them on the screen will be your chosen images. We can personalise up to 4 images to appear behind your guests.



The exterior of the photobooth is covered with a booth wrap (also called skins). There is a total of 5 panels that completely cover the exterior of the photobooth. We can design and create skins to any chosen design that incorporates the company logo or any branded product that is part of the marketing campaign. Depending on your budget we can create any 1 panel to all 5 panels. The choice is yours.

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